Shareholder Updates

Your Commonwealth Bank Dividend

Commencing from the October 2011 final dividend payment, Commonwealth Bank shareholders with registered addresses in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom will receive their dividend cash payments by direct credit only. No dividend cheques will be issued. Shareholders can continue to participate in the Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP).

If you did not provide your direct credit instructions by the record date of 19 August 2011 and you are not a full DRP participant, your dividend is being held on your behalf in a non-interest bearing account. We encourage you to keep your payment instructions up to date with Link Market Services Limited (Link). Payment of your dividend into your nominated bank account will be made as soon as possible after receipt of your direct credit instructions.

Link’s Website Upgrade

Link’s new Investor Centre provides shareholders with a quick, convenient and user-friendly way to update or amend their details online.

Some of the things you can do online include:
  • Instantly update your DRP or payment instructions (in real time)

  • View, save or print your payment statements and transaction summaries

  • Update your communication preferences and become an E-shareholder to receive documents electronically

  • Lodge your proxy for shareholder meetings online or submit a question for annual general meetings, and

  • Download a range of forms

Shareholders can choose to manage their Commonwealth Bank shareholdings using either the single holding login or by registering for a portfolio. Portfolio users have the added benefits of being able to manage multiple holdings through a single login and update them all with just one click.


For more information and to access this service please go to Link’s website (

Fee for Off-Market Transfers

Earlier this year, ASX amended Listing Rule 8.14 to permit entities to charge a reasonable fee for registering off-market transfers. The fee has been permitted to allow additional security checks to be conducted to enhance fraud detection to protect the interests of shareholders. A fee of $55 (inclusive of GST) will apply to each transfer of securities that requires a security validation check. Off-Market Transfer forms and related information are available on the website of Link (

For further assistance, please contact Link on 1800 022 440.